Project Information

  • Call for Grant: 2022b
  • Project Start: 22/08/2022
  • Project End: 29/04/2023
  • Budget: 418.289€
  • Grant Awarded: 300.148€
  • Funding program: Innovative Entrepreneurial Clusters (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Government of Spain.
  • MINCOTUR NextGen Plan AEI

Role of Hispasec

HISPASEC is responsible for analyzing and monitoring the cybersecurity risks of the proposed architecture in the project, as well as proposing various strategies and tools to ensure the security of the whole.




This project is the continuation and extension of the research and development activities of the FLEXENER project. The aim is to create a digital energy management platform that will allow to adapt the energy demand of buildings to the conditions of the electricity market in real time and in an optimal and secure way. To this end, specific tools will be developed to evaluate the energy behavior of the assets involved in order to determine their capacity to increase or decrease their consumption in real time (energy flexibility) to enable their participation in balancing markets, in future local flexibility markets and the like.

Tags: «IT/OT security», «critical infrastructure», «energy», «Building», «R+D+i»